Lease Picanto

The Kia Picanto is also known as the Kia Morning in Chile and South Korea, the EuroStar in Taiwan, New Morning in Vietnam and Naza Picanto in Malysia. It is a budget city car manufactured by Kia Motors.

The Picanto is a nice little car for buyers on a budget which also includes a good range of equipment considering the price point, which includes things like a CD player with the ability to play MP3 songs, air conditioning, electric windows in both the front and the back of the car, remote central locking, and even electric windows.

But if you want to make the Kia Picanto even more affordable to drive home then one option that may be worth looking at is taking out a lease deal. Basically a lease is a way to hire a car for the long term. Whereas a regular car hire contract might last for days, weeks or perhaps months, a lease will run for years. The exact time period will vary depending on the specific deal which you choose to take out. At the end of this fixed term you then hand back your Kia Picanto to the company you took out a lease with.

If you compare a lease deal to a loan or financing deal then one of the main differences is that you will pay a lower amount of money each month. Of course the reason for that is that at the end of the fixed period you do not have a car which belongs to you and that you can sell, so a lease will not be the best option for everyone. But it can make driving a new car more affordable, and many people also like the fact that it gets rid of a whole lot of hassle when it comes to having to sell your old car before you buy a new one.