Kia Picanto Dealers

One of the biggest issues that many people may be concerned about when buying a new Kia is the network of dealers, but this is something that has grown over recent years and most of the country is within easy reach of a dealer.  Because of the excellent warranty that is on offer by Kia, many drivers will develop a good relationship with their dealer, and will return to the dealer throughout the life of the car.  There are also special offers available for Kia Picanto buyers that will offer the owners three or five services for a fixed cost, which can be arranged through the dealer.

Kia is a brand that does have a reputation for cars that do suffer from depreciation, but the dealers do try to mitigate this problem, and this has led to a quite competitive pricing structure for dealer maintenance.  This will help drivers to keep their Picanto with a full dealer service history, and when this is combined with a seven year warranty that can be passed to the next driver it does help to improve the resale value of the car.

The Kia dealer will also play a very important role in the purchase of the car, and while many people will try to negotiate on the price of the car, the dealers don't have too much wiggle room because the Picanto is competitively priced already.  However, it may still be worth discussing the possibility of upgrades or other optional extras which may be a little more fruitful for the potential buyer.  The Kia Picanto is an urban car that is really at home in the town, and most owners will find that they are close enough to a dealer to maintain a well serviced car that is cheap to run and to own.