So last week a trip that I had been looking forward to for nearly a year finally arrived – the Barcelona Motor Show. It was around this time 12 months ago that I and a few friends decided to take the plunge and book the journey that we had been discussing for many years previously. It is probably the most fun activity in the world in my opinion, zooming around the world to look at nice cars.

We arrived at the airport Monday morning and began the day with a full English breakfast and a coffee, followed by a couple of beers in the bar. We got to talking about Robert’s current contract hire Kia Picanto which he was telling us only cost him a small rental per month – he never was one to shy away from a chance at showing off and telling us all about the great deals he manages to find. Apparently it was a relatively short term too.

When we arrived at the airport in Barcelona there was no messing about, we collected all of our bags and went straight outside to a taxi rank where we jumped in with the first available driver. About half an hour later we pulled up outside the hotel, a quite remarkable piece of architecture, where we wasted no time in checking in and getting ourselves back out and on the way to the Motor Show.

While walking around we saw so many incredible concept cars with such futuristic features. As for the food – words cannot do it justice, it was sublime. Half way through a little stand caught my eye which happened to be advertising personal contract hire Kia Picanto vehicles.

There was a nice lady there who explained to us that with a Kia Picanto personal car lease you could drive away in a brand new model with all the technology and interior comforts you’d expect, without being hit with a large initial outlay for the list price. In all honesty I would never have realistically thought that a lease could be within reach for me – but this concept sounded incredibly manageable on a monthly basis. Me and Ken thanked the lady for her information and signed ourselves up for email updates on the offers.

After a long day we headed out into the town and went for a lovely lobster meal at a fancy restaurant and continued to talk about the great up and coming productions that we had witnessed at the exhibit. My personal favourites were the Jeep models.

A few more glass of wine later and it was time to bring to a close a fabulous day at the Barcelona Motor Show.